New President Produces Newfound Hope for Enrollment Increase; Summer Enrollment Numbers Up

North Central’s administration has been hard at work to bolster enrollment. The number of incoming freshmen decreased from 220 in Fall 2016 to 201 during the Fall 2017 semester. Dee McDonald, chief enrollment officer at North Central, expressed great optimism about the future despite this decline.

“I think this year we saw some of the growing pains of getting back to where we need to be and I think enrollments’ going to go up – especially with a president so focused on enrollment and recruiting and development,” McDonald said. “That’s a huge factor for us.”
North Central’s tuition discount rate decreased this year. The decrease was offset by the relatively low number of incoming freshmen keeping North Central financially balanced.

The enrollment process looks like a funnel, McDonald said. Prospective student’s names enter the top and are filtered through whether or not the students submit an application, are admitted, sent in a deposit and finally enrolled.

“Our rates for getting students from application to admitted to deposited are some of the highest in the country. That speaks very well of our staff. More than half of our admitted students, end up depositing and enrolling. That’s incredible.”

The number of students enrolled in summer courses increased dramatically this year. Before summer 2016, North Central had not offered many online summer courses. By offering online classes during the summer, North Central is able to accommodate these students leading to an increase in summer class enrollment.

North Central’s ethnic diversity is changing with each new class.
“Our total overall North Central student-of-color population is 20%,” McDonald said. “The incoming class was 23% students of color which is incredible. It’s going to help make your experience better, because you’re going to meet people from all sorts of different places and backgrounds.”

About the author: Roger Busse