Students engage in 12 consecutive hours of student-led worship and prayer

From the late hours of Friday, March 17, until the late morning of Saturday, March 18, sounds of worship and prayer could be heard in the North Central chapel as dozens of students took part in an all-night praise event. With a full band playing, worship kicked off at 10 P.M.

This event was sponsored by Upper Room, a student intercession group, and headed up by Michael Oiseoghade, a North Central senior. While the Upper Room typically takes place in Miller Hall, this larger event was in the main chapel.

Shortly after the event started, there was approximately 30 students in the chapel, and more students came in and out throughout the duration of the evening.

Students around the sanctuary prayed together, spoke in tongues, kneeled at the front, and spread out for quiet contemplation throughout the night.

At the peak of the evening’s attendance, about 50 people were present, praying and worshiping together. There were also separate segments of the night when a full band led in worship, while at other points a pianist played and different students and faculty spoke messages or led in group prayer. Some of these messages included Renea Brathwaite, director of creative education and graduate studies, who taught on prayer, and Lon Flippo, professor of ministry, lead a discussion on spiritual warfare.

The event attracted several attendees from outside of the university. Since promotion for this worship night was largely through word-of-mouth, some students reached out to friends and family to join them.

“It was great to see the student initiative behind this event.” said Carlson Hall resident director, Chris Woelfle who was present for much of the evening. “The students were sacrificing their time and sleep to come together and seek the Lord. That really felt special.”

About the author: Kyle Crowell