Carlson Hall construction work comes to a halt

Due to weather conditions, the construction on the roof of Carlson Hall has reached a temporary halting point. They now must wait until warmer temperatures allow them to continue the progress.

This doesn’t come as bad news to some of Carlson’s residents however, like 5 East Resident, Jesse Mauritz, who amongst other people, stressed that the project on the roof had become quite the nuisance. When asked about the noise he said “The noise sucked, especially during finals week, waking up to that [construction noise] after late nights of studying.”

NCU maintenance worker Taylor Amiot assured The Northerner that “The water resistant membrane [on the roof] is set.” So students don’t need to be concerned about the elements having any negative effect on their rooms. He also stressed that anyone with other concerns or problems with the construction project can feel free to contact Facilities Management for help.

Construction on the roof of Carlson Hall will be continuing this spring, as weather permits.

About the author: Kyle Crowell