Best tacos for broke college students

These Minneapolis tacos are worth more than just Tuesdays


North Central students attend school in one of America’s most contemporary cities. Surrounded by award-winning restaurants and cultural landmarks, students don’t have to settle for bad fast food chains. This list is a guide with price and proximity at the core of its values, making it the ultimate taco hit list for North Central students on tight budgets.

Under Two Miles Away:

  • Taco Taxi: 1511 E. Lake St.
    Type: Walkup style street tacos
    Price: $1.75 per taco
    Guacamole: No
    Customizable: Yes

What makes Taco Taxi great for North Central Students? It’s open until 2 a.m., making it the perfect solution for late-night cravings. This is as authentic as it gets. Track down the food truck usually parked along Lake Street for an authentic flavor adventure.


The steak taco (back) and the chicken taco (front) from Taco Taxi’s food truck, both featuring homemade salsa.

  • Taco Cat: 920 E. Lake St
    Type: Walkup style street tacos
    Price: $8-$10 set of 3 tacos
    Guacamole: Yes
    Customizable: Yes

What makes Taco Cat great for North Central students? The adventurous favor combinations that pack a nice punch in flavor and spice. Being located in the Midtown Global Market gives the eatery an international vibe. Go for the tacos, stay for the aesthetic.


The “larry taco” from Taco Cat is packed with chicken, chorizo, cheese, onions, cilantro, crème and salsa. According to staff the “larry” is the most popular taco on the menu.

  • R Taco (formerly Rusty Taco): 522 E. Hennepin Ave.
    Type: Walkup style street tacos
    Price: $2.50-$3 per taco.
    Guacamole: Yes
    Customizable: Yes

What makes R Taco great for North Central Students: R Taco has a large gluten free menu and single-size queso dip. Guacamole and queso are the best way to top of your meal of taco perfection. The R Taco has mastered the Americanized taco, while still offering the classics you crave.


R Taco’s “fried chicken taco” is a best seller amongst college students. Crispy chicken pieces come loaded with jalapeño ranch, slaw and cilantro.

Under 5 Miles Away:

  • Sonora Grill: 3300 E. Lake St.
    Type: sit-down South American & Spanish
    Price: $4-$5 per taco
    Guacamole: Yes
    Customizable: Yes

What makes Sonora Grill great for North Central Students? Nestled on Lake Street, Sonora Grill is the ideal place for groups to gather around tacos in a chill atmosphere. At $2.50 per taco on Taco Tuesdays, no one has to sacrifice flavor and quality for cost. Sonora Grill is majority gluten-free.

The award winning “tempura shrimp caramel” from Sonora Grill features battered fried shrimp, cilantro aioli and cabbage on two corn tortillas.

  • Bar Luchador: 825 Washington Ave. SE, 55414
    Type: sit-down Spanish American
    Price: $9 for set of 3 tacos
    Guacamole: Yes
    Customizable: Yes

What makes Bar Luchador great for North Central Students? The fun atmosphere mixed with creative flavorful taste combinations make this the ideal place for students to hangout and enjoy new foods. Bar Luchador doesn’t aim to be authentic Mexican. Instead the owners have fun experimenting with layers of flavors in a long list of taco options. Taco Tuesday specials are available as well.


A medley of creative tacos from the college hotspot of Bar Luchador off Washington Avenue.

  • Lago Tacos: 2901 Lyndale Ave. S
    Type: sit-down Mexican
    Price: $10-$13 for a meal of 3 tacos and a side
    Guacamole: Yes
    Customizable: No

What makes Lago Tacos great for North Central Students? Tucked into a street in Uptown, Logos Tacos is another great options for a late-night hang out. Lago Tacos offers late night specials starting at 10 p.m. for students who are looking to fill late-night cravings in a great setting. The patio is heat equipped, making this is a great place to enjoy fall and some tacos.

About the author: Teghan McCarthy