The American role in global conflict 

Conflict has always been something that has created division among people. Over the centuries, we as human beings have continued to see conflict as not merely an occasional  phenomenon, but something that impacts and changes our culture. As Americans, at times we may feel in certain situations that we have a moral responsibility to carry dominion in an area of the world during periods of conflict.

This moral responsibility is a controversial topic that lends us to ask many questions. Is it our responsibility as Americans to get involved in a conflict between two nations? Do we aid in relief efforts of marginalized citizens of another nation? Or do we stand still and let other countries provide the money and resources to help in times of need?

There are strong opposing viewpoints to either side of the argument. However, it is impossible to deny our position in the world as the dominant superpower. The United States has entered many global conflicts in its history, and has had a few of its own. We have a history of entering conflict and desiring to see it to its end.

Arguably, this tactic has not always been successful. In fact, it has caused turmoil for many Americans at different times, such as during the Vietnam War era. A lot of financial and human resources were expended in order to bring this conflict to a conclusion.

Today, there are new conflicts on the horizon. There is internal and external conflict that have put pressures on our country to make decisions and take action. We have seen a recent political divide that has separated the very fibers of our American conscience, blinding us from the issues happening around the world.

Conflict is happening all around us. The conflict in Syria and the Middle East, including ISIS, has impacted the globe in a way that the world has never seen before. The refugee crisis in Syria has resulted in a change to the political and cultural make-up of Europe, as well as surrounding nations. Americans have mixed views on whether the United States should take more action than it has regarding the crisis.

This is just one example of current global conflict that has an ongoing influence on our political climate regarding what our position as the prevalent super power of the free world truly is. Is it a moral obligation of a country that has the resources that the United States does to involve itself in a conflict or aid in relief efforts?

Some believe that a conflict that is happening on the other side of the world should be of no interest to us. It’s a belief that finds its roots between involvement in conflicts throughout American history. During the 20th century, the isolationist (nonintervention) movement was at a high point between the World Wars. The nation was divided among those who felt that the United States should stay out of international affairs and those who felt that we should get more involved.

In order for us as humans to find peace with each other in a world of many cultural and geographic differences, we must come together and unite as a nation to bring stability to those who are in need. As a major leader in world affairs, we have a responsibility to take action in global conflicts simply because of our capability.

The United States is a nation that beat the odds at its conception, a nation that fought for individual freedom in the form of democracy. It is a moral mandate that we do all that we can to provide a way for other nations and individuals to experience those same, basic human rights as we have enjoyed for over two centuries.

About the author: Northerner Staff