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  • The porch at Liechty Hall is supported with wooden posts as Facilities management works on renovations.

    Liechty Hall porch undergoes major renovations

    Current construction at Liechty Hall includes a new porch, and more renovations in the future…

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Dan Smith, lead singer of Bastille, leans into the microphone during the opening song, “Things We Lost in the Fire.”
The restaurant's famous Luau Blucy burger is priced at $8
The screen is held into the channel of the frame with a rubber screen spline, which secures the screen in place.
Since 1984, North Central’s student body enrollment has stayed between around 1,000
to around 1,200.
Members of the cast gather around a table. Pictured from left to right: Anna Baker, Tony Elder, Zoe Zafiropoulos, Joshua Peterson, Ali Brown and Hannah Jackson
Reggie Dabbs, class of 1987 alumnus and international youth speaker, was the keynote speaker for this year's banquet.
According to a recent survey of a selection of North Central students, 18 percent are uninterested, 68 percent are indifferent, and 14 percent of students are interested in attending a closed-door senate meeting. Indifference
holds the overwhelming majority in this case in regards to North Central’s student government.
Molly Kestner