HP EliteBook 8570p Vs. Apple MacBook Pro

Challenging the myth of Apple’s superiority over PCs

The HP EliteBook 8570p is a top-of-the-line laptop that sells for $850, which is comparable to the popular Apple MacBook Pro 15″ which sells for $1,700.

In the world of filmmaking, design and music, Apple is viewed as the superior manufacturer. What is this myth based on? Is it based on specs, software performance or appearance? Fact is, a laptop is not superior merely by the logo engraved on its cover. This review compares two very similar laptops: the EliteBook and the MacBook Pro.

Let the battles begin!


Photo provided by Apple


Both laptops have a clean and simple look. The EliteBook has more of a professional and durable look. It features a silver casing with black accents. The MacBook Pro comes in the same color scheme but has a more slick and simple look. Depending on what work you are doing, either laptop could fit your standard. Neither laptop is visually unsatisfying, however, the MacBook Pro is definitely more visually appealing.

MacBook Pro wins!


The EliteBook and MacBook Pro both feature the same Intel Core i7 processing unit. However, the EliteBook runs at 2.7GHz, while the MacBook Pro runs at 2.3GHz. This suggests that the EliteBook processor performs slightly faster than the MacBook Pro.

EliteBook wins!


The EliteBook with a screen size of 15.6″; it is both portable and displays a large image. The MacBook Pro is just slightly smaller with a 15.4″ screen. Both laptops have Intel HD 4000 screens, which displays a projection of true color. And both laptops have excellent graphic performance.




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Both laptops come with a 500GB hard drive and 4GB RAM. However, the RAM upgrade for the EliteBook is significantly greater. The MacBook Pro is capable of upgrading to 8GB of RAM, and the EliteBook is capable of upgrading to 16GB RAM. This means the EliteBook has potential to run faster and more efficiently than the MacBook Pro.

EliteBook wins!

These two laptops are very similar in specs. However, the largest difference between these laptops is the price. The MacBook Pro is double the price of the EliteBook. This data draws one to the conclusion that the HP EliteBook 8570p is a better purchase over the Apple MacBook Pro 15″.

About the author: Josh Chitwood

Josh Chitwood is a First Semester Writer for The Northerner.


  1. JC says:

    Oh Josh, you have some work to do. This review is simply horrible!


    -While the base model Macbook Pro comes equipped with the i7 Haswell at 2.0Ghz, a 2.6Ghz is an option


    -This is where my frustration begins with this review. You can’t even compare the HP to the Macbook in terms of display quality. The Macbook comes equipped with a screen 4,133,376 pixels sharper than the Elitebook. The winner is stunningly clear here.

    Macbook Resolution: 2880 x 1880
    Elitebook: 1368 x 768 (Yikes!)


    -No Macbook 15″ pro has been on the market in over a year to only include 4GBs of RAM. The base model comes with 8GBs, upgradeable to 16GB.

    Enough said?

  2. I think what you’re doing here is pretty good. But there is a few problems with your argument and I think you should probably rethink it.