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It is no surprise that R rated movies are banned here at North Central. The question is, is banning R rated movies, cable, and explicit music fair, also should the rules be different for those who live in the apartments as the rules currently stand?

All who attend North Central, with a few exceptions, are out of high school and are 18 years of age or older. When we chose to come to North Central we signed a consent form limiting some of our rights. One of those rights limit media.

I have conflicting feelings as to whether media should be limited to students or not. On one hand, I see why North Central would want to limit media that could potentially lead someone to sin against God. On the other, I cannot help but feel that taking away the decision of entertainment is wrong.

I have no desire to listen to most worldly music. Most music today is nothing but garbage. The reason for this is that most worldly music is explicit. Music rated explicit is mostly due to profanity, sexual themes, or themes about drugs and alcohol. Nothing good can come from putting that kind of material in ones mind.

My issue with the rules is the banning of R rated films. I feel that R rated films should be allowed pending why the movie has received the R rating. Some movies such as the Passion of the Christ are banned here at NCU, which I find to be ridiculous. We come to North Central to follow God, learn about him, and to grow closer to him and yet when a film is made depicting what Christ endured for our sin we are not allowed to watch it. I have watched the movie and it has greatly ministered to me.

It is so easy to read the bible and not really sit back and think about what Christ went through for us. This film has been an immense eye opener for me in my life and is something I feel anyone who loves Christ should have the ability and opportunity if they desire to watch it.