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The voice of the student body is important at colleges and universities. Without it, the campus environment would lack life and color. At North Central, six individuals in Senate lead the way to improve the quality of living for its students. They attend meetings, work office hours and discuss current issues with faculty. Through this dedication of time and service, changes are made on campus.

“We put together improvements around campus and formulate those into projects we can move up the food chain to higher branches of the school,” said Carlson Hall senator and sophomore youth development major Aaron Biddinger. “Then we take the necessary steps to make [those projects] into something tangible on campus.”

Senate continuously works on several projects, but they are dispersed to each member by residence hall. Some of the current tasks senators are tackling include: changing the piercing policy, creating reserved overnight parking spaces for Zimmerman House residents and providing more fans and tinted screens for the remaining rooms in Carlson Hall.

“Everything that we work on is what students want,” said Phillipps Hall senator and sophomore youth development major PeggySue Imihy. “We either find a solution or we have to explain to [the student] why we can’t do anything about [the issue]. Everyone’s suggestion is valid and we always try to work on whatever we’re given.”

Because senators take each project they are handed seriously, they are always 100 percent committed to its completion. However, many students are unaware of the role their senators play. Senate is an organization still emerging from its shadow, but the members are pushing for more notoriety through open houses and floor meetings.

“We’re working on getting Senate more well-known,” said Miller Hall senator and junior youth ministries major Caitlyn King. “I definitely feel like we need to thrust ourselves out there, and once that happens we’ll be able to do more for the student body.”

Senate is working hard to make a positive difference at North Central. Its goal is to shape a modern environment relevant to the students. Through hours of commitment each week, every senator has been impacted in some way.

“[Senate] has helped me learn how to connect the student body with the school better and see both sides of the story,” said Carlson Hall senator and freshman music business major Seth Cunningham. “I’ve also learned you can build off of others’ strengths and weaknesses, no matter what kind of leadership. I’ve seen not only what I needed to improve as a senator, but as a man of God as well.”