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Cross Country Amazes Again

This year’s cross country team is the fastest in North Central History, a fact that Head coach Trey Meadows shared with a sense of pride. North Central cross country has performed well in all their meets this season. The last update on the Runnin’ Rams was before one of their biggest meets of the year, the Upper Midwest Athletic Conference (UMAC) Championship. For the past several years, North Central has fared well at the UMAC Championship and this year the teams did not disappoint.


Partners for Progress 2010: “Where Heaven and Earth Collide”

The annual Partners for Progress Banquet took place on Oct. 28 at the Historic Depot in downtown Minneapolis to reflect upon the past, present, and future of North Central...This year’s Partners for Progress Banquet focus was on the North Central Fine Arts Endowment. The $1 million goal of the Endowment will be used to further the quality of education and resources for the Fine Arts Department and to increase the quality of music and ministry.


That’s What Steve Said- “Running Arrested: Wilde Development”

So, yet again I seem to find myself in the television minority. It seems like every show I start liking is the absolute underdog. And by underdog I mean it’s the dog most people don’t find until it’s been under your tires. And the tires in this metaphor are the primetime network cancellation of said show/dog. My latest fling is with Fox’s Running Wilde: a comedy revolving around the egotistical life of a billionaire oil tycoon and his first love, who turns out to be the exact opposite—a hemp-weaving, jungle-living, consumerism-resistant hippie.