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Free Speech

Juan Williams had been a guest on Fox News many a times. He has definitely said some pretty liberal statements, and not once a threat or warning of being fired. But once he deviates from NPR’s political correctness, he gets fired. Ridiculous? Definitely.


East Village Grill Thrill

Quirky. Strange. Exotic. Disco. Schlocky. Hole-in-the-wall.

These are words that will enter the mind as one steps into the interesting hideaway located a mere block from the North Central campus—East Village Grill. Or at least the exact words that entered my mind as I entered this quaint site.

Strong words. Fighting words.


Not my cup of tea

Though politics are very important, it is also my least favorite thing to discuss with people. I can honestly say I have never seen anything positive come out of people discussing politics. Every time I have heard people discussing politics, at least one person ends up hurt, upset, or confused.


Volleyball Recap

The North Central volleyball season is wrapping up and Regionals are just around the corner. The team started the season with a full batch of freshmen and just three returning players. North Central took second place in the region, with awards for the All Regional Team going to Lindsay Larson and Mariah Simonson, and Coach of the Year going to Ryan Schlangen.


Coach Profile: Jake Smith

The name Jake Smith is quite common around this campus. Most often it is in reference to our Dean of Residence Life or in reference to the professor of Leadership Development I. However, the same Jake Smith is also the Head coach of both North Central’s Men and Women’s soccer teams.


New face to North Central Tennis

At the beginning of August this year, the North Central men and women’s tennis program received a new head coach, Jessica Tonder. She returned to North Central’s athletics department as head coach this year following her season as assistant coach under Brian Pingel last spring.


Midnight Madness kicks off Basketball Season

The college basketball season got off to its official start at North Central on Oct. 15 with Midnight Madness, a late night event where the men’s and women’s teams participated in their first practices. This will be the first time that both teams enter the season as NCAA Division III programs. Coaches Jon High (men) and Matt Callahan (women) each discussed their goals for their teams.


A Review of “Into The Woods”

After weeks of practice and preparation, the cast members of the fall production, “Into The Woods,” finally get to share what their hard work and dedication has produced. After seeing the production, I can say that the North Central student body is in for a very intriguing story.


Hoops for Missions

About one year ago, North Central alumnus Perry Dissmore set out to break the record of the “most free throws made in one hour” for the Guinness Book of World Records. The previously held record was 1,663 free throws—about 28 shots per minute and one every 2.16 seconds. Breaking this record would be difficult, but the current pastor of Hartford Assembly of God in Illinois had both the skill and passion to make it happen.


The Turkey Tradition

As the colorful leaves fall to the ground and the cold begins to creep up the sleeves of our coats it only means that it’s that time of the year again: Thanksgiving. Mom makes a trip to the local convenience store and overloads her shopping cart with the traditional roasted turkey, mashed potatoes, stuffing, cranberry sauce and yams