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Go to any campus across the country and you’ll find political views ranging from the apathetic and uninformed to the passionately over-involved. North Central is no exception. Of the many students I spoke with on the issue however, most agreed that it is our duty, not only as citizens, but as Christians, to be involved and informed to some degree.

Jeff Whiston, a freshman children’s ministries major, says, “…God places us under the authority of government, but in the system we have set up, we put ourselves over them and we should take advantage of that.”

Other students take a much more withdrawn approach. Let’s be honest, being informed takes time and effort, which we as college students don’t always have to spare. For some, the idea of being involved in politics is nice, but unrealistic.

Kayla O’Brien, a junior ASL Interpreting major, says, “I just don’t have time to be as informed as I’d like to be.”

Still others are disenchanted with the system as a whole. With all the fighting and bickering going on between the two major parties, it seems hopeless that our small voices could actually make a difference.

What are we to do then? The first step is being aware. Know what is going on around you. Even if this means just stopping in Carlson Lobby for a few minutes to watch the news after lunch, it’s a small step on the way to becoming more informed. Check out some of the news articles on Yahoo or, or pick up a newspaper and read an article or two as a break between homework assignments.

It’s also important that you do some of your own digging. News sources are biased. This is a fact that we have to deal with. Get your information from multiple sources and if it is an issue that you find important, do some web research on the topic to find out more about it.

Once you have an idea of current events and what’s going on in politics, start a discussion about it with someone. Not everyone will agree with your side but that’s because there are different viewpoints to take into account.

Someone else may have more facts about a topic that you were unaware of. Healthy discussion and debate are both good things. This doesn’t mean resorting to name-calling or base accusations, but rather really listening to what someone has to say and understanding why they believe what they do.

We have a wonderful privilege of living in a time where getting involved in politics is easier than ever. With all the social media’s attention placed on politics, you can hardly open up the Internet without being bombarded with it.

Take advantage of this.

Being informed in what is happening in the world is beneficial and will help make a difference.

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