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Lately, people have been on my mind. Not a person or a group of people, but people in general—peoples’ personalities, interests, cultural background, family dynamics and so on.

The thought of how unique we are as individuals has become so apparent to me these last couple of weeks.

Each day, I focus on the different people I interact with and try to understand each individual for who they are.

For example, consider each individual: my roommate, mentor, and professor. Each one has a specific role they fill and vary in their relationship to me. During my time with each of them, I constantly think of how much I can learn from them.

The experiences they have encountered all differ and they are all in various stages of life. Each time I interact with them individually, I try to view my time with them as an opportunity to learn, to be enriched.

I honestly feel privileged to develop relationships with each of them, because I know God has a plan for my life and is using these relationships to develop me for my future in ministry.

But it can be tough to navigate through college without a precise plan.

Last spring I found myself uncertain with my major. I was finishing my third year as a music major and only had seven credits left to finish my program. I began to seek the Lord through that uncertainty, and allowed myself to be more receptive to God’s will.

Near the end of the semester, God revealed to me that my major was going to change from music to pastoral studies. Immediately, I thought, “how can this be, I’m almost done?” I asked God for some confirmation because I needed—or perhaps wanted—to be certain. He clearly confirmed it and I fully believe in the new direction my life will be heading toward.

Even though it was a difficult decision, I know that being obedient to God is more important than the number of years I will be in school.

I truly believe God strategically places people in our lives, and with those relationships we have the ability to grow and develop our relationship with God.

I am confident in those relationships, because they are playing a vital role in my pursuit of my calling.

My thought for you is this: how valuable are your relationships, and how much do they further your intimacy with God?