The Healthcare Tragedy


Opinion Columnist

The debate over a government facilitated, national healthcare plan is the forefront political topic in the United States. The debates, the protests, and the bad blood of the Middle Eastern wars have been eclipsed by an issue that hits much closer to home. Senate Democrats have been struggling to push the healthcare reform bill through the House and Senate while Senate Republicans have been fighting tooth and nail to prevent the passing of it. With the recent election of Republican Senator Scott Brown, it seems the healthcare reform bill is doomed to fail in its present form. This, however, is not the true tragedy; nor is the fact that Democrats are working tirelessly to pass a bill that is seemingly so controversial.

The tragedy is the fact that healthcare reform is needed in the first place. As Christians, we are responsible for the well-being of those around us. We are responsible for the widows, the orphans, the poor, and the destitute. As the Body of Christ, we are fully responsible for the least of these but we do not take full responsibility.

Because of our unwillingness to do our job, we force the government to do our work. Government and the Church are the only two entities in the world that can help the billions of downtrodden in the world. Unlike the government, the Church is designed and purposed to do the work of Jesus, to take care of those that cannot take care of themselves. When the Church ignores its purpose, though, and as individuals decide to buy Starbucks or iPods and neglect God’s commands, those in political authority are left with no choice but seeing the need to intervene. Enter political drama of 09-10.

If you support the healthcare reform bill, wait. It is time that the Church woke up and remembered that its purpose is to be the miracles that people are asking our great God for. Our government does not plan to help people in the name of our God but in the name of a man-made institution that all-too-often represents everything that we hope to destroy in the world.

If you do not support healthcare reform, wake up. You and I have been blind to the need of millions of people around us. We are the reason that the government sees the need to do the church’s job and even worse, we are the reason that the world sees Christianity as an ancient and dead religion that serves a dead God. You and I are at fault.

I live with the belief that God expects us to work as hard as we can and He will do the rest. Are we working as hard as we can or are we giving a half-hearted effort because the work is too much or the resources to little? God split the Red Sea and Christ fed the 5,000; there is no job too large and there is no shortage of resources. Wake up, take responsibility, and prove to the world that the Body of Christ is alive and working.

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