NCU Jazz Band


Meet The Band:

Deanna Bruzelius
“I play 13 instruments”
Sophomore • Music Education • Valve Trombone

David Piery
“I love poetry”
Sophomore • English Writing • Trumpet

Brooke Christensen
“I enjoy uni-cycling in my free time”
Sophomore • Children’s / Family Ministries • Trumpet

Kaitlyn Huber
“I also play clarinet in the concert band”
Sophomore • English Literature • Alto Saxophone

Eric Coopersmith
“I worked at Chuck E. Cheese
for two years”
Freshman •  Worship Leading • Alto Saxaphone

Phoebe Yeo
“I love making new friends and seeing
what God has planned for the future.”
Senior • Worship Arts (Music Pastor) • Piano

Ben Bouissieres
“I’m from France”
Senior • Guitar Performance • Guitar

Kevin Van Slyke
“I have an incredible talent for
guessing the time”
Freshman • Pastoral Studies • Trombone

Daniel  Hernandez
“I eat popcorn with nacho cheese”
Junior • Music Education • Saxophone

Joshua Hinckley
“I enjoy Turkey Tom subs from Jimmy Johns”
Junior • Music Performance • Drums

Matt Call
“I used to be a Revolutionary War
re-enactor in Williamsburg, VA”
Junior • Music Performance • Bass

Jacob Waskey
“I wrote a poem about the life of a
double major, comparing it to having
an affair with two people who don’t
know the other exists”
Senior • English / Music • Trumpet

With arrangements from jazz greats such as Duke Ellington, Dizzy Gillespie, and Antonio Carlos Jobim, the North Central Jazz Band looks to have a memorable year.

“This year will definitely be a great year for jazz band. We have an awesome rhythm section and are grooving together to make music…what more can I ask for? It’s fun,”  said senior Phoebe Yeo.

Director Kevin Mills says that along with songs from these artists, the band will also be performing “smashing charts” of his own.

The Jazz Band will be traveling to Chicago over President’s Day on a tour with Dave Collins and the Women’s Choir. Students may also enjoy listening to the band’s performance at this year’s Songs of the Seasons concert in December.  “We hope to play in the Eau Claire Jazz Festival in April, and we have a jazz concert on campus at the end of each semester,” says Mills.

Students are encouraged to support the band and come enjoy the concerts.

Also at North Central is the Jazz Workshop, led by Peter Shu. This is an ensemble class dedicated to raising the musicianship of the instrumental music majors. Students who are music majors are urged to join the Jazz Workshop for at least one semester. More information will be

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